[Elite] A Dangerous Challenge


Level 39
Start NPC Zelluchs
Finish NPC Zelluchs
Location Tritael Rift
Mission Go to Blackhaven and kill Fallen Legion Commander Imperas!
Description You must surely know of the dark land west of the Avarice Sea, yes? We call it Blackhaven, and it is the most dangerous place in the region. But danger means adventure! Commander Imperas, local leader of the Fallen Legion, lurks somewhere in that blighted land. Doesn't that sound exciting?

I'll keep it short. Kill Imperas. Throw the entire Legion into the chaos they love so much!
Reward exp 278155
Reward gold 19S 11C


[Elite] A Dangerous Challenge 1

[Elite] A Dangerous Challenge quest opens this quest [Elite] The Fallen Commander