[Elite+] Peace in Tritael


Level 39
Start NPC Roid
Finish NPC Lloyd
Location The Breach
Mission I heard that Izhora's generals are hidden somewhere where normal soldiers cannot tread.
Description The monsters of the Breach are a motley bunch, but there are a few you must take special care with. Mixed in with the demons are special foes that need to be defeated.

You'll find one of three generals in there, lording over that mad lot. Then there's Golmus, a monster of living stone, and a vicous, soul-eating beast known as Palakor. All must be destroyed to rid Tritael Rift of their evil forever. Are you up to the task?
Reward exp 432057
Reward gold 25S 25C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Durable Felt Bandages Durable Felt Bandages 10