The Pure Earth


Level 39
Start NPC Haltham
Finish NPC Haltham
Location Tritael Rift
Mission Facing Tranua is suicide without a purification scroll.
Description Many knights have fallen in their attempts to defeat the titan Tranua before he breaks free of the Gustling Isle. But their sacrifices were not in vain, for they showed us how to make scrolls that can nullify his earthen magics.

To make such a scroll, you need seven earth crystals. You can make one earth crystal a day.

It is a long process, but you cannot put a price on safety. I'll make the scroll for you if you bring me all seven earth crystals.
Reward exp 72080
Reward gold 9S 71C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Earth Energy Purification Scroll Earth Energy Purification Scroll 1