Awakening Power


Level 38
Start NPC Robinson
Finish NPC Robinson
Location Tritael Rift
Mission I'll tell you what we need. Please listen.
Description I'm very happy we have the reliquary back, but there is another problem. Ellora's essence has been exposed to the evil of Zelnaris for too long. We need to cleanse the reliquary to restore its true power. I'll need you to gather the elements needed to perform the rite.

(Robinson hands you a piece of paper. The note reads as follows:)

-A sheen from dust
-The sound of death
-Plates of magic
-Grand vitality
-A shattered life
-Perfect harmony

This will be your mission, [UserName]. Read the details of each and bring back what we require.
Reward exp 417607
Reward gold 5S 59C