How to Defeat the Desert Heat


Level 39
Start NPC Darcy
Finish NPC Teru <The Seeds of Abundance>
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Go to Alseik central plaza and meet Teru from the Seeds of Abundance.
Description How is the desert heat for you?
Normal people would struggle to survive this heat. But without some stamina food, you'll be in good condition.
The only thing is... I need fresh water from the oasis to cook that stamina food. Unfortunately, I can't them the water.

But I do know who would have the water. There is Teru from the Seeds of Abundance in Alseik central plaza. Tell him I've sent you.
Reward exp 76417
Reward gold 17S 94C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Oasis Water Oasis Water 10