[Attack 30th Floor] Kindly Kurunin


Level 50
Start NPC
Finish NPC Cloyd the Guard of Ellora's Spire
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Now that we got some information on evil spirits, I think the fight will be much easier.
Description (This document has information about the 30th floor of Ellora's Spire that Griffon Knights Captain Nazahi found.)

Adventurers that have reached the 30th floor of Ellora's Spire must fight against chill that gets into your bones before facing Kindly Kurunin.
Kindly Kurunin bases his attacks on powerful chill. Those attacks freezes your feet and hands, so be very careful. If he uses ice pillars, make sure you avoid them at any rate.
When he is low on constitution, he will call his underlings. So you must use all your strength to defeat Kurunin.
If you don't give up and continue to fight, you can conquer the 30th floor of Ellora's Spire.
Reward exp 4278572
Reward gold 7G 58S 29C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
 Lv. 50 Legendary Familiar Box Lv. 50 Legendary Familiar Box 1