[Attack 25th Floor] Friendly Snowman


Level 50
Start NPC
Finish NPC Cloyd the Guard of Ellora's Spire
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Now that we got some information on evil spirits, I think the fight will be much easier.
Description (This document has information about the 20th floor of Ellora's Spire that Griffon Knight Bateon found.)

Don't get distracted by the gift bundles and snowman decoration on the 25th floor of Ellora's Spire. Unlike the cute appearance of friendly snowman, it is very violent with powerful ranged attacks.
Be careful of the snow bombs. You must avoid the bombs to not get harmed. That is the only way to defeat the snowman.
Reward exp 4278572
Reward gold 7G 25S 99C