[Heroic] Rabbini vs. the Cold Mines


Level 22
Start NPC Van Owen Rabbini
Finish NPC Crescent Merchant Rabbini
Location Ruins of Matren
Mission You will be well compensated! Well... compensated, in any case.
Description Look here. Simply because the yetis are covered in fur, that does NOT mean you can put them in the same category as the sophisticated gentlerabbits of the Rabbini! For one thing, Rabbini fur is soft and luxurious, while yeti fur is coarse and smells of bovine excretions.

Take Chief Sinthan, for instance. The beast squats in his mines, causing all manner of trouble for the honest, hard-working Rabbini of civilization! If you're game for a touch of work, I'd like you to evict the yeti from the premises.
Reward exp 347
Reward gold 6S 63C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Rabbini Copper Coin Rabbini Copper Coin 3