Stone Containing the God of Ruin's Soul


Level 49
Start NPC Chimer
Finish NPC Mate Gillote
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Go to the quay of Alseik Village now.
The mate Gillote will guide you to Ellora Sanctuary.
Description When the God of Ruin tried to rule the continent, the Goddess Ellora sealed the God of Ruin's Soul in the Demonic Stone. If we could destroy the Demonic Stone... Then the God of Ruin's Soul might be extinguished and we might be able to save the princess.
If the soul is extinguished, Zelnaris also can't be resurrected.

I'm going to the Akrat Plain now and find the way to destroy the Demonic Stone. You should go to the elves' sanctuary where the Demonic Stone is sealed.

You must take the Demonic Stone to the Akrat Plain. The destiny of the kingdom is in your hands.
We should never lose hope until the very end.
Reward exp 1841096
Reward gold 32S 87C