Wounded Comrade


Level 49
Start NPC Bernor
Finish NPC Light Elf Guards Bernor
Mission You must beware of animals that have become violent because of the chaos!
Description On our way to the Ronua Camp, I've left the group for a while due to run an errand for the elder. When I got back, everyone was... They were all killed in the Chaos Elves' ambush. I've moved the only survivor Lian here in secret.

We must save Lian. He lost too much blood. His life is in danger! Please help us. This area is a habitat for Marigold, and that plant is good for stopping bleeding. Go get me some Marigold!
Reward exp 4418632
Reward gold 78S 90C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Dire Wound Cure VI Dire Wound Cure VI 2
Ronua Camp Emergency Bandage Ronua Camp Emergency Bandage 7