[10 Person] Start of the Revolutionary


Level 49
Start NPC Zebrune
Finish NPC Zebrune <Shaman Defector>
Mission Enter Fractura and kill temple hammer soldiers, axe soldiers, and scorpion knights.
Description People of the Cloying Wastes called us corrupted Crokhoons. But everything was because of shaman Manatz. All of my comrades left this world a long time ago and all hope seemed to have been lost.

But now that the Griffon Knights from the Golden Peak are on their move, we have new comrades like yourself. Let everyone know that our revolutionary has begun by killing temple hammer soldiers, axe soldiers, and scorpion knights that guard Fractura, no. I mean that guard Manatz.
Reward exp 3219841
Reward gold 1G 60S 21C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Dire Wound Cure V Dire Wound Cure V 2