Purify the Spoiled Forest


Level 50
Start NPC Ent
Finish NPC Guardian of the Forest Ent
Mission The guardians of the forest will never forgive the Chaos Elves.
Description Human... What do you want? I shall close my eyes and block my mouth. The descendants of the forest have been sacrificed in the fight between the elves, so I have no obligation to help you.

However, if you help free the Trents' soul from the chaos, I would be willing to repay your favor...
If you want anything from me, collect the Trent's Wood Blocks and the Sacred Light of Forest, and then light up the Torch of Purification with the Earth Ember.
Reward exp 6113558
Reward gold 1G 34S 67C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Fabled Indomitable Soul Crystal Fabled Indomitable Soul Crystal 1