Secure the Access Path to the City


Level 50
Start NPC Dispatch Captain Hemus
Finish NPC Light Elf Defense Captain Ador
Mission You should beware of the Border Tower of the Chaos Elves which is protecting the chaos barrier.
Description The Chaos Elves have put up a Chaos Barrier at Zenus Canyon and blocked the path to the city. That barrier is making it really tough to enter the city. If we could destroy the chaos barrier, we can secure the access path, but...

The Divine Dragon Knights don't have an air force at all now, so it doesn't seem possible. I want you to destroy the chaos barrier. When the barrier is destroyed, we will escort Elder Conwell to Elgaden City.
Reward exp 6113558
Reward gold 1G 34S 67C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
El Dor Emergency Bandage El Dor Emergency Bandage 5
Lv. 120 Elite Tempering Stone Lv. 120 Elite Tempering Stone 3