World Tree Audience


Level 51
Start NPC Cornwell
Finish NPC Old Eldrasil <Guardian World Tree of Sanctuary>
Mission Have an audience with the spirit of the World Tree, the guardian of the sanctuary.
Description We ended up losing the holy stone of truth to the Chaos Elves...
The Chaos Elves are bringing the holy stone of truth to the Forgotten Shrine where the Demonic Stone is. I heard that you've also come to look for the Demonic Stone. I'm so sorry for Princess Lania...

If the Chaos Elves find the Demonic Stone, the God of Ruin will be resurrected. Before that can happen, we must find all three holy stones. That's the way to protect everyone.
Go have an audience with the sacred World Tree that is protecting this land.
Reward exp 4754344
Reward gold 1G 17S 50C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Ravager's Lance Ravager's Lance 1