New Path


Level 53
Start NPC Troberry
Finish NPC Romadia <Ascetic Cook>
Mission Deliver the association's suggestion to Romadia.
Description The notary of this contest, Elgaden Elder Brandior has sent the result of the contest and Romadia's dish in secret. I was sorry and angry when I found out about the result, but after I ate her dish, I changed my mind.
Maybe this could be a good lesson for us. Maybe we were overconfident.

So... I've discussed with the other members of association, and we decided to accept her as a new member of our association.
Of course, that's only if she accepts too.
Will you convey our suggestion to her?
Reward exp 1722570
Reward gold 1G 45S 74C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Grilled Holy Dragon Feast Grilled Holy Dragon Feast 1
Grilled Holy Dragon Feast Grilled Holy Dragon Feast 6
Title: Apprentice Cook Title: Apprentice Cook 1