Difference Between Poison and Medicine


Level 52
Start NPC Permint
Finish NPC Permint
Location Windy Canyon
Mission - german tourist first seeds collect 0/4
Description The Red Poison Light Plant grows naturally around a lake to the northeast of El Dor Town. The root of Red Poison Light Plant is harmless, unlike its anther mote which is sprayed from its anther sac.
Sometimes it's used as a material for an alchemical secret potion, but it is not used openly because the general public believes it's too dangerous.

Some reports say that it is better than meat for recovering vigor and satisfying the appetite.

(Unlike its anther mote, the root of Red Poison Light Plant is also used as an herbal medicine. I should find Red Poison Light Plant and collect its roots.)
Reward exp 5080955
Reward gold 3G 64S 48C