Critical Situation


Level 52
Start NPC Merdi
Finish NPC Healer Merdi
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Please deliver the antidote now.
Description Now that the antidote is completed, I can relax a little. I've found out something while I was making the antidote. The source of the poison is at the Contaminated Lake, just as I expected. However, saving the town residents is our first priority.

Here, take this antidote. I want you to deliver this to the town residents. We'll talk about the source of the poison again later.
Reward exp 4927215
Reward gold 1G 36S 68C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Ronua Camp Health Potion Ronua Camp Health Potion 6
Ronua Camp Mana Potion Ronua Camp Mana Potion 4