Apostles Protecting the Shrine


Level 51
Start NPC Judas
Finish NPC Ellora Sanctuary Elder Wentus
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Meet the elder of El Dor Town. Duron will guide you there.
Description This... Did you get this from the Light Elf Guards?
He might be trying to leave a clue, even at the last moment... I will carry on the last will of my people...
The town is in trouble due to the dark mage's attack.

You should go to the town and meet the elder now.
Transit Shrine Keeper Duron next to me will guide you to El Dor Town.
I imagine that you'll be a great help to the town.
Reward exp 1722588
Reward gold 48S 96C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Lv. 120 Elite Tempering Stone Lv. 120 Elite Tempering Stone 3
Ravager's Crossbow Ravager's Crossbow 1