Windy Canyon


Level 51
Start NPC Cornwell
Finish NPC Light Elf Guards <Holy Stone of Courage Messenger>
Mission The transit shrine is linked to the Wind Canyon at the back of city. Hurry and go to Windy Canyon.
Description If the World Tree said that to you... I've told the Light Elf Guards to move the Holy Stone of Courage to El Dor Town of Windy Canyon. The power of the World Tree has grown too weak, so it seems to be too difficult to protect the stone anymore...

Go to Windy Canyon by the transit shrine at the city, and get the Holy Stone of Courage back. That place doesn't seem to be safe either... I hope the stone is alright...
Reward exp 7717197
Reward gold 1G 56S 67C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Ronua Camp Emergency Bandage Ronua Camp Emergency Bandage 8