Prepare for Feast - Retrieve Supplies


Level 52
Start NPC Troberry
Finish NPC Troberry
Mission Go get back the stolen supplies at Zenus Shrine.
Description Warning! This quest is a divergence quest. If you accept this quest, you can't carry out quests related to Romadia.

Unavailable Quest NPC - Ascetic Cook Romadia

The contest that Romadia has proposed is the 6-day Feast, the traditional cooking contest of Hakanas. It's a good chance to prove that our association lives up to our reputation.

However, we need to retrieve the supplies stolen by the Chaos Elves from Zenus Shrine first to do that.
The association takes pride is using the best ingredients, but those were part of the supplies that were stolen. It'll be a disgrace if we don't retrieve them since we need those ingredients to take part in this contest. I want you to get back those supplies stolen by the Chaos Elves from Zenus Shrine.
Reward exp 4173641
Reward gold 3G 64S 48C