New Proposal


Level 53
Start NPC Brandior
Finish NPC Troberry <Abundant Seeds Association>
Mission Please deliver my opinion to Troberry of the association.
Description Through this cooking contest, I've tasted dishes made by Romadia and the association. Both contenders were excellent, and they should all be proud to serve their cuisine anywhere. Since this was a contest, there is only one winner. But both sides were magnificent.

So... I'm thinking about inviting Romadia to the association so she can demonstrate her excellent ability in the association.
If the association considers this, then I think it'll be a win-win situation... Will you deliver my opinion to the association?
Reward exp 1722570
Reward gold 1G 45S 74C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Grilled Holy Dragon Feast Grilled Holy Dragon Feast 1
Grilled Holy Dragon Feast Grilled Holy Dragon Feast 6
Title: Honorary Member Title: Honorary Member 1