Prepare for Feast - Strong Delicacy


Level 53
Start NPC Peach
Finish NPC Peach <Abundant Seeds Association>
Mission Find the Sanctuary Poisonous Herb and bring them.
Description The ingredient that I want to prepare is a poisonous herb that contains a small amount of toxicity. I want to use it for a dish based on the cuisine from the region north of Middelas, which is known for its strong spices.
If I prepare the poisonous herb and remove its toxicity, it could be a delicacy for gourmets with its special taste and scent.

I heard that Sanctuary Poisonous Herbs grow naturally on the way to El Drant Sanctuary. This is a good chance to get some good ingredients.
Please find Sanctuary Poisonous Herbs and bring them here.
Reward exp 5512224
Reward gold 4G 66S 37C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Rabbit Liver Stew Rabbit Liver Stew 6
Sanctuary Tree Sap Sanctuary Tree Sap 3 Berserker
Sanctuary Tree Sap Sanctuary Tree Sap 3 Ranger
Sanctuary Tree Sap Sanctuary Tree Sap 3 Assassin