Prepare for Feast - Meat of Truth


Level 52
Start NPC Romadia
Finish NPC Romadia <Ascetic Cook>
Mission Get the ingredient from Holy Ground Wolf at Gorilla Habitat.
Description Warning! This quest is a divergence quest. If you accept this quest, you can't carry out quests related to the Abundant Seeds Association.

Unavailable Quest NPC - Troberry of Abundant Seeds Association

The challenge that I've suggested to the association is the 6-day Feast, the traditional cooking contest of Hakanas.
I'll prove my ability with my dishes during this 6-day Feast.

The Holy Ground Wolf living in Gorilla Habitat is just what I'm looking for. Its rib is plain, but it has just the right amount of fat. I'm going to use that wolf rib as my main cooking ingredient.
If you help me to find that ingredient, I'll never forget your favor to me.
Reward exp 4173641
Reward gold 3G 64S 48C