Lost Excavation Tool


Level 53
Start NPC Berand
Finish NPC Brand <Relic Excavation Team>
Mission Even though you'll need to cut fox's belly open, you must find it!
Description Whew... Disos disapproved of me acting on my own, but I insisted because I wanted to dig deeper. However, I've got nothing to show for my work. I was attacked by these foxes and even lost my excavation tool.

I've looked round this area, but I couldn't find them... The foxes could have swallowed it. If you would, will you please find them for me? I think I should go back to Disos because he's worried about me.
Reward exp 8980333
Reward gold 4G 66S 37C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
El Dor Emergency Bandage El Dor Emergency Bandage 5