Secret Meeting Place


Level 53
Start NPC Judas
Finish NPC Body of Search Troop Elton
Mission You must bring solid proof.
Description I can't believe that the Holy Stone of Insight disappeared... I have a theory, actually...
I've found a place that seems like a hideout for our enemies. I don't want to believe this... but it seems like our comrade Krasis is behind all this.

I can't make rash accusations, so I secretly sent a search officer, Alton, to learn more.
This should not be exposed, so I want you to go help Alton at El Drant Sanctuary, the alleged hideout.
Reward exp 2711453
Reward gold 72S 87C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Lv. 55 Health Elixir Lv. 55 Health Elixir 4
Lv. 55 Mana Elixir Lv. 55 Mana Elixir 2