Threatening Invaders


Level 53
Start NPC Slenir
Finish NPC Forest of Lights Guards Ryno
Mission Go find the guard Ryno at the Forest of Lights, where the Tukan have invaded.
Description I've heard that you've come to look for the Holy Stone of Insight. That stone in kept in Eleeno Forest, which is blessed by the Recovering Eldrasil. However, the Tukan have invaded the Ancient Forest, which is on the way to Eleeno Forest. The way there will be perilous.

The guards are watching the invaded area to see if they can figure a way to drive the Tukan out. Because of the enemy's attacks, it won't be easy. Will you meet the dispatched soldiers there and help them?
Reward exp 2588205
Reward gold 72S 87C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
El Dor Emergency Bandage El Dor Emergency Bandage 5
El Dor Stamina Potion El Dor Stamina Potion 3