Power of Dark Knight


Level 49
Start NPC Dimai
Finish NPC Damay <Griffon Knight>
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Suppress the Fallen Legion dark knights inside the fortress.
Description The first battle of Griffon Knights after entering the Fortress of Sorrows was a close match. We were really able to barely breakthrough the fortress, but the during the fight with dark soldiers, the sudden attacks from dark knights were indeed somewhat fearful. So many of our knights sacrificed from all of this.

They were able to block most attacks with their armors and wings. And they are so powerful swinging their weapons... Without suppressing the dark knights, I think we have a long difficult fight ahead of us. I think the key to victory in this fight is suppressing the dark knights before they get to us first.
Reward exp 1862014
Reward gold 1G 60S 21C