Altar of Seals


Level 54
Start NPC Krasis
Finish NPC 12 Apostles Krasis
Mission Go find the search officer, Tartagon, at the Forgotten Shrine.
Description I'll clean up this mess. You should go to the Forgotten Shrine now. If you lay the three holy stones on the Altar of Seals, you'll be able to get the Demonic Stone.

The Chaos Elves may already have set up camp at the Forgotten Shrine. You must get the Demonic Stone before they do. Go to the Forgotten Shrine and join the search officer, Tartagon, watching their movements there.
Reward exp 3928963
Reward gold 73S 32C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
El Dor Stamina Potion El Dor Stamina Potion 4