[Instanced Dungeon] Find the Demonic Stone


Level 54
Start NPC Tartagon
Finish NPC Elder Erna of the Ellora Sanctuary
Location Forgotten Shrine
Mission I'll be taken by the chaos soon if I go into the sanctuary since it's filled with chaotic energy.
Description I can't believe that there is a traitor among the 12 Apostles... It's a shame. Judas was the most admired among them...
Jormungent, the Incarnation of Chaos, is protecting the altar where the Demonic Stone is sealed inside the sanctuary.

No matter who brings the holy stones, he will try to take it by force. That's their purpose. We must not lose the holy stones to a chaotic being!

When you recover the Demonic Stone in the sanctuary, you should go meet Erna right away. The elder will let you know how to calm the evil energy of the Demonic Stone. Now hurry!
Reward exp 8884740
Reward gold 1G 90S 63C