Pillars that Make Up Earth


Level 46
Start NPC Ayran
Finish NPC Ayran <Battle Priest>
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Go to Barracks Earth, near the entrance of Fractura, and activate the pillar.
Description I heard ancient 4 Element Pillars are useless unless they are activated to balance the unstable flow of energy in the desert.
But we have a problem. One of the pillars is located in Crokhoon Barracks Earth.

To be more exact, it is near the entrance of Fractura. In order for us to activate the pillar, we must enter deep inside Barracks Earth. Speaking of which... I think Princess Lania was also troubled by this fact when she planned the 4 Element Pillar Restoration project.

But I think we shouldn't worry so much now. Go to Barracks Earth and activate the pillar.
Reward exp 2013259
Reward gold 1G 14S 19C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Golden Peak Emergency Bandage Golden Peak Emergency Bandage 3