Destruction Stone Slate Incineration


Level 45
Start NPC Closette
Finish NPC Closette <Onyx Order>
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Eliminate Dark Mage Passit, and bring back the Language Destruction.
Description Most of the Khabim Brotherhood was taken care of, but some of the Language of Destruction has leaked externally. On the way to the Temple of Sands for investigation, Cynthia, Jason and I found out about the Dark Mage who headed to Shadow of Death.

It looks like Passit and his followers came to study the epidemic spell that was set up by the Fallen Legion in the Shadow of Death. The leaked Language of Destruction is the important part. We must retrieve it. Eliminate Passit and bring back the Language of Destruction.
Reward exp 2755344
Reward gold 1G 51S

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Elite Seal Stone Elite Seal Stone 1