Regenerating Tree


Level 50
Start NPC Stella
Finish NPC Stella <Light Elf Scout>
Mission Defeat the Trent Tree Regenerators at the Chaos Elves' station!
Description Have you ever heard about Regenerating Trees? Some Trents have the power to regenerate nature, and they are known as Regenerating Trees. Before the chaotic power has corrupted them, it was a blessing from nature, but...

Now I'm worried that the Trent Regenerators might abuse that power. It's a shame, but we must stop this, even if we have to eliminate those Trent Tree Regenerators at the Chaos Elves' station.
Reward exp 4733512
Reward gold 2G 18S 84C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Ronua Camp Health Potion Ronua Camp Health Potion 5
Ronua Camp Mana Potion Ronua Camp Mana Potion 3