Way to Survive Through the Test


Level 52
Start NPC Dropout Dian
Finish NPC Straggler Dian <Collector Candidate>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Bring me the Seal Stone of Prop.
Description Until now, all my friends including Lebei only think about lasting through this screening test. However, I realize that just lasting isn't enough to pass the test... Therefore, I am going to make my own results.

Props living near an altitude of 20~60m above this contaminated lake are strange familiars that I've never seen from the collection. If I can find out more about this familiar with my own research... I think I might be able to pass this test. So... Can you please bring me the Prop's seal stone?
Reward exp 2721940
Reward gold 2G 73S 36C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Courageous Soul Crystal Courageous Soul Crystal 1
Indomitable Soul Crystal Indomitable Soul Crystal 1