[10 Person] [Heroic] Rabbini vs. Attaius Peak


Level 39
Start NPC Van Owen Rabbini
Finish NPC Van Owen Rabbini
Location Attaius Peak
Mission Only you can do this divine work. Return Attaius to ruin!
Description The titan Attaius. Vicious beast of the God of Ruin, cursed be his name! Who can walk the path of the righteous and vanquish the foul titan from this world? Can you do it? Yes, you! Then the Crescent Merchants would like to hire you!

Journey with your party to Attaius Peak and slay the foul monster. Those who do good works are rewarded by the gods with Rabbini copper. Er, well, I'll reward you with Rabbini silver. But it's on behalf of the gods!
Reward exp 25678
Reward gold 5S 46C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Rabbini Silver Coin Rabbini Silver Coin 3