Spoiled Spirit


Level 49
Start NPC Libere
Finish NPC Retio <Light Elf Scout>
Mission I can't believe that even the spirits are tainted...
Description There have been sightings of the spirits who normally hide in the forest. It's really rare for them to be seen like this, so I investigated. It turns out that they've gone berserk from being tainted with chaos. It seems that the Chaos Elves did this.

If we ignore this problem, the Waterfalls of the Gods will be contaminated. It's a shame, but... there's no other choice. We need to eliminate the spirits that have already been tainted. Please take care of the berserk water spirits and tree spirits.
Reward exp 3966598
Reward gold 1G 70S 95C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Hero's Courageous Soul Crystal Hero's Courageous Soul Crystal 1