The Culprit


Level 18
Start NPC Strongarm Stevens
Finish NPC Lady Ekaterina
Location Hakain's Crossing
Mission What's a fancy lady doing, talking all spooky like that?
Description Ya did right by ol' Strongarm, so I'mma do right by you. I was comin' back from a job, real doozy of a job up north, an' I hear a voice. Lady what hired me a while back, talkin' a language I only heard once before. But iss a language ya never forget once ya heard it...

Exarahnian! Exarahn used ta be great, y'know, but these days only... only dirty Khabamits talk that! But wait'll ya... wait'll ya hear who it was talkin'.

Lady Ekaterina, daughter o' Duke Elder, niece o' the blessed king hisself!
Reward exp 5424
Reward gold 2S 35C
The Culprit