Unusual Subject


Level 52
Start NPC Gaberion
Finish NPC Gaberion <Light Elf Mage>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Please collect the wings of Gargoyles.
Description I never expected to see Gargoyles at a town of elves. The Gargoyles were originally born from the darkness, so it's just not possible to revive them near a sanctuary of light.

It's kind of fortuitous that right now, I'm researching the magic that can change the darkness to light energy. I think the wings of Gargoyles would help me make some great progress in my research. Will you please collect some wings of Gargoyles?
Reward exp 5912658
Reward gold 3G 64S 48C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Ronua Camp Health Potion Ronua Camp Health Potion 5
Ronua Camp Mana Potion Ronua Camp Mana Potion 3