Servant of Darkness


Level 52
Start NPC Erha
Finish NPC Erha <Light Elf Mage Initiate>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission We must make sure that those unnatural creatures never appear in this land again.
Description The dark mages are violating the natural order, using beings that disobey the law of life as their servants.
It's sickening to see those foul creatures in this canyon.

Please defeat the dark mages near an altitude of 500~60m at the Razor Winds Canyon, and bring their cursed scroll to me. I need to eliminate that scroll so that no more of those accursed beings will ever appear in this land.
Reward exp 5912658
Reward gold 3G 64S 48C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Ronua Camp Health Potion Ronua Camp Health Potion 5
Ronua Camp Mana Potion Ronua Camp Mana Potion 3