Contamination Confirmation


Level 51
Start NPC Merdi
Finish NPC Healer <Merdi>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Defeat Depomis Saorous, and bring its claws.
Description After the dark mages took over this place, the poisonous material started gradually spreading over the beautiful windy canyon. The contaminated lake is getting even worse. It seems the valley area is still okay, but...

The animals have gone berserk, so maybe they were also influenced by the poison. We'll need to carry out further study. Please collect the claws of Depomis Saorous. I should do a sample survey for the poison contamination.
Reward exp 5705213
Reward gold 3G 13S 34C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Ronua Camp Emergency Bandage Ronua Camp Emergency Bandage 5