Level 51
Start NPC Isendorr
Finish NPC Esendor <El Dor Town Guards>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission The tamed Black Murenes are probably flying around an altitude of 520~630m at the Valley Winds Canyon.
Description The Black Murenes tamed by the darkness are blocking our view, and they're exposing our location to the enemies. When night comes, it's harder to hide from them.

[UserName], please defeat the Black Murenes, who serve as the eyes of our enemies near an altitude of 520~630m, and block the enemies' view!
Reward exp 4908161
Reward gold 2G 54S 59C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Ronua Camp Emergency Bandage Ronua Camp Emergency Bandage 5
Ronua Camp Stamina Potion Ronua Camp Stamina Potion 3