Disaster Caused by Curiosity


Level 51
Start NPC Chella
Finish NPC Chella <Town Resident>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Please clear out the newborn Hatchlings and their eggs at Canyon Valley!
Description Those dragon babies, the Hatchlings, are troubling the residents. They fly close to the town all the time and wreck everything, and they're even hurting children.

It seems that more Hatchlings have been born recently... It'll be a huge crisis if we just leave them alone! Please clear out all the Hatchlings and their eggs so that they'll never be able to come near the town!
Reward exp 4908161
Reward gold 2G 54S 59C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Ronua Camp Health Potion Ronua Camp Health Potion 7