Stuff Swallowed by Spider


Level 49
Start NPC Malo
Finish NPC Malo
Mission Get back my stuff from the King Jungle Spider living to the east of Ronua Camp.
Description The fibrous tissue samples that I've collected were originally for my alchemist friend in Elgaden.
But on the way to Elgaden, I ran into the King Jungle Spider and ran away... I barely escaped with my life, but I ended up losing all my stuff. The last thing I remember is seeing the King Jungle Spider swallowing everything I dropped.

If you get back my stuff from the King Jungle Spider living near the Waterfalls of the Gods to the east of Ronua Camp, I'll repay you well.

I don't know which King Jungle Spider swallowed my stuff, so you might need to kill all of them.
Reward exp 3742841
Reward gold 2G 10S 41C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Flood Claws Flood Claws 1
Lv. 60 Extractor Lv. 60 Extractor 4