Dangerous Secret Potion


Level 53
Start NPC Katshu
Finish NPC Katshu <Collector>
Mission Get the Potion of Extinction from the Tukan Invasion Solders.
Description To prevent making other victims of the secret potion used by the Chaos Legion, I've been doing some research.
The Tukan Invasion Soldiers stationed at the Tukan Encroachment are carrying the Potion of Extinction. From the rumors I'm hearing, this potion can overpower chaotic energy.

For now, we have no way to cure the chaotic energy. If we can overpower it, however, it just might work?
If we can get the Potion of Extinction from the Tukan Invasion Soldiers, we will be able to see if there's any truth to those rumors.
I also have an errand to do at the Ancient Forest. When you finish the job, please come see me there.
Reward exp 5261669
Reward gold 4G 66S 37C