Sea Familiar Research


Level 22
Start NPC Hark
Finish NPC Hark <Collector Coin Dealer>
Location Sea of Hakanas
Mission You get the familiars, and I'll deal with the clients.
Description I've got some customers on the mainland looking to add to their familiar collection. Now, normally I'd go hunt 'em myself, but this order is too big for one man to fill himself. Say, if you're looking to make a little extra coin, why don't you help me track down some of these familiars?

-부유해마의 봉인석:220~260m 고도
-라이닉의 봉인석:120~260m 고도
-이보크의 봉인석:320~360m 고도

연구에 필요한 펠로우 목록입니다. 각 펠로우의 봉인석을 모두 모아 제게 가져오시면 합당한 보상을 드리도록 하죠. 모두 대해에서 찾을 수는 있으나 찾는데 꽤나 애를 먹으실 수 있으니 유의해주십시오.
Reward exp 24971
Reward gold 6S 12C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Collector's Coin Collector's Coin 2