Defense Is the Best Offense


Level 2
Start NPC Crow
Finish NPC Crow
Location Brakarr Forest
Mission Remember, open with a block, and then Shield Smite while they are left open!
Description Your shield could not protect the princess, but in time it will become a bulwark against all evil. Blocking with your shield can be followed with devastating counterattacks while the enemy is off-balance. The Dragon Knights are struggling against the merciless braghin assault. Braghin combat troopers are breaking their ranks. Engage these foul creatures, block their attacks, and then counter with a Shield Smite to put them down for good.
Reward exp 385
Reward gold 1S 18C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Beginner's Bandages Beginner's Bandages 2
Beginner's Health Potion Beginner's Health Potion 2