Nimble Jab


Level 2
Start NPC Crow
Finish NPC Crow
Location Brakarr Forest
Mission Skills used after Nimble Dash will deal additional damage, thanks to the element of surprise.
Description Assassins must approach the enemy quickly and quietly, then end the battle with a single strike. Such skills will serve you well in rescuing the princess... and they will help the Dragon Knights now.
Use Nimble Dash to approach the braghin runners undetected, and then use Dagger Rush to deal a critical blow. You're the only one agile enough to take them down.
Reward exp 385
Reward gold 1S 18C
Nimble Jab

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Beginner's Bandages Beginner's Bandages 2
Beginner's Health Potion Beginner's Health Potion 2