The Might of Rising Cutter


Level 2
Start NPC Crow
Finish NPC Crow
Location Brakarr Forest
Mission Destroy their walls with Rising Cutter now! Strike while the iron is hot!
Description You haven't reached your full potential yet. The true power of the berserker requires tapping into your most primal furies to unleash them on your foe. I want you to perfect your Rising Cutter.

Listen well. If the braghins are allowed to finish their barriers, we'll never get into their base. Harness the well of rage inside you, charge up your Rising Cutter, and smash those barriers to pieces.
Reward exp 385
Reward gold 1S 18C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Beginner's Bandages Beginner's Bandages 2
Beginner's Health Potion Beginner's Health Potion 2