Nonstop Heart


Level 52
Start NPC Gaberion
Finish NPC Gaberion <Light Elf Mage>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Please get me the heart of summoned Bone Dragon.
Description I heard that the summoned Bone Dragon has a strong power inside its body to move its giant body. The summoned Bone Dragon is a creature revived from death. It is forbidden for elves, however, to research that.

Still, I'm curious how that kind of power keeps that dragon's heart beating without stopping. If we can learn more about that power, it might be possible to find a way to stop those dragons' hearts. For that reason, it may be fine to violate the taboo. Please get me the Greenlight Dragon Heart that you can find around an altitude of 200m above the El Canin Island.
Reward exp 5912658
Reward gold 3G 64S 48C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Hero's Indomitable Soul Crystal Hero's Indomitable Soul Crystal 1