Entering the Exarahn Badlands


Level 28
Start NPC Maia
Finish NPC Initiate Rodham
Location Exarahn Badlands
Mission Just head on through the gate. You'll be fine. Probably.
Description Right, anyway... This is the gateway. It goes to the Exarahn Badlands, which is pretty scary, but the Arcanum has been working on making it less scary, by fighting back the Khabim Brotherhood. At least, that's what Linetta told me. I'm never going through that portal... but I think Linetta expects you to.

If you do head through, look for Schutein on the other side. He'll get you situated. He's tough.

Oh, there's another initiate named Rodham who guards the other side of the gateway. He's kind of weird, but maybe he can help you, too.
Reward exp 22606
Reward gold 3S 90C