A Troubled Land


Level 28
Start NPC Linetta
Finish NPC Initiate Maia
Location Hakain's Crossing
Mission We train for the pursuit of truth and justice.
Description Before the rise of Hakanas, Exarahn was the greatest kingdom ever ruled by man. But they were the birthplace of Khabimism, and when the kingdom fell the Khabimists folded the land into another plane of existence.

And now, out of the blue, it's... back. Not even the Arcanum is sure how they did it. What we do know is that we have a duty to protect Hakanas -- and study the magic there, while we're at it.

Just imagine what we could learn in that lost land. Speak with Initiate Maia. She will show you the wonders of the badlands.
Reward exp 31649
Reward gold 3S 90C